May’s buds opening up to see the light

One wise Native American once said, “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”. If we continue exploiting nature at this rate, Earth’s natural resources will cease to exist in the years to come. Earth is giving, but even the most generous soil becomes infertile when abused. We must understand that it is our duty to protect it and preserve the national treasures for the generations to come. To do so we must study the consequences of our actions, calculate the risks, and manipulate the numbers to our advantage.

A research, done by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2010, showed that 12.4 percent of the municipal solid waste stream was plastic. That’s equivalent to 31 million tons of plastic waste, only 8 percent of which was recycled. Plastic makes up almost everything that surrounds us during the day, ranging from the water bottles we drink out of, to the toys and furniture in our houses. Here on, I found it imperative to consider a recycling project with plastic materials.

Say you went out on a picnic and used up a bunch of plastic disposable cups and spoons, then threw them away in the garbage. These spoons and cups will end up in the waste stream and contribute to polluting our environment. Instead, they can be reused to create an original masterpiece and a beautiful addition to your bedroom. Just follow these 2 simple steps to turn your plastic rubbish to a flower accessory or chandelier. Cut out the tip of the spoons as the petals. Paste them on the plastic cups starting from the top and ending at the bottom using glue. There you have it: simple but creative. Nothing goes to waste! Think, Eat, Save.