Giving a bird its Wings

Our connection with nature is beyond the fact that we are an element in the food chain or a species in the ecological system. Nature embodies God’s messages which are there to preach us morals through a language few only still possess: the language of meditation and insight. Nature has inspired so many writers and poets to pause and reflect about the true meaning of life. According to Walt whitman’s “Song of Myself” even grass could be God’s scented handkerchief and a beautiful present which constantly reminds us of His presence in our lives. It could be the unspoken words of the dead, a hieroglyphic code from the afterlife. Point is we should be inspired by every element in nature to create and we must use its resources responsibly and wisely. A form of pro-nature movement is recycling; it is certainly a step in the positive direction.


Inspired by the strength and insight of Eagles, we created an original masterpiece made to artistically recycle materials found around the house. We’ve all got video games that we no longer play, or CDs that have been scratched and no longer function properly. With mass storage devices that can hold much more information than cds and are far less fragile, old cds have become electronic wastes and environmental hazards. For this recycling project all you need are the following materials: old CDs, old newspaper, scissors, empty cardboard boxes, and a loaded glue gun.

Fold the old newspapers into the shape of a bird. This will act as the basis or template for your Eagle. Next, cut the Cds into small triangular shapes with the help of the scissors and paste them using the glue gun on the template close to each other. Do this one row at a time and repeat until all the newspaper is covered. This will need a lot of time, so much patience is required.


As you come closer to its head, start cutting the triangular pieces smaller to add details to the eagle and make it more realistic. Add its features such as the beak and eyes.
For the next stage of creating your eco-friendly eagle, cut out the cardboard box to create a template for its wings. Now, cut out the cds into long thin pieces to simulate the feathers. Start pasting the triangular pieces from down up to finalize its wings.

And now’s the tricky part: its claws. Using newspaper as well, create the form of its claws. Cut out the remaining cds into small rectangular shavings and paste them in an organized manner. Group the various parts of the bird together and voila, an amazing proud bird becomes another guest in your room or classroom