This past decade technology has penetrated our lives in ways past generations could have only dreamt about. It has become an indispensible part of our everyday routines, a sanctuary we rush to in order to dispose of our undesirable tensions and frustrations. However in the process of its expansion, a more significant issue has been cast in the shadow… our connection with nature. With people busy with the hustle of bustle of their competitive careers and lives, that sacred bond that brings us closer to finding out the secrets of existence has been lost. Today, our environment is under attack, and its sole attacker is the human race. It seems like Mankind has found more ways to destroy rather than “build”. Global warming, irregular weather patterns, and unpredicted natural disasters are all wake up calls. Mother Nature is screaming with anxiety; the time has come to respond to her desperate cries and act. Every day that goes by with no action is another day lost.

As students, we get so indulged in our studies; we forget how beautiful our planet really is. With such opportunity set between our hands, it is our duty to look after it so that our children know what it’s like to smell the roses or lie in the grass. For this purpose, this blog was created, to shed light on what’s right under our noses, and to introduce recycling techniques that are both fun and original.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Natalia,
        You know that mother nature is shouting and calling
    for help and we are destroying it.Don’t you care about your nature that God gave you it.I wonder why people just keep on destroying the nature and the global earth.We should act today because tomorrow is too late.Don’t you care about the trees that has been cutten , the air that has been polluted, the garbage that is been burned, and Your country Lebanon that you have been destroyed.So, what are you are waiting for?go help your nature before it comes too late. So, these action that you did were helpful .
    Dima Hijazi❤
    Best regards,

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