Giving your plant a new home

Metals are natural treasures that elevate the economy of any country around the globe, but put in the wrong hands or misused, they contaminate the Earth and disrupt the balance of the ecosystem. That’s why metals should be safely disposed and recycled. This time, I’ve decided to recycle empty food cans and old laundry clips into a stylish flower pot. This process takes almost no time. All you have to do is attach the clips around the clean can, and your work is complete.



17 thoughts on “Giving your plant a new home

  1. It’s really a great work,first of all you are recycling cans,clips,CD’s,…
    And the second thing isbthat you are doing very very nice souvinires and lamps,…
    Regard ibrahim sh (grade 8 b grader)

  2. This is a memoriable thing that you will never forget. Saving our plant. Saving planet earth. It is such a splendid idea that everyone should make. It is recycling !

  3. Dear HHHS students,

    We all try to make our world better, but creating things using recycling is way better than creating things that are dangerous for our planet. Hope our ideas will improve the planet and help us on the other hand.

    Nadeen Kanaan

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