Giving a bird its Wings

Our connection with nature is beyond the fact that we are an element in the food chain or a species in the ecological system. Nature embodies God’s messages which are there to preach us morals through a language few only still possess: the language of meditation and insight. Nature has inspired so many writers and poets to pause and reflect about the true meaning of life. According to Walt whitman’s “Song of Myself” even grass could be God’s scented handkerchief and a beautiful present which constantly reminds us of His presence in our lives. It could be the unspoken words of the dead, a hieroglyphic code from the afterlife. Point is we should be inspired by every element in nature to create and we must use its resources responsibly and wisely. A form of pro-nature movement is recycling; it is certainly a step in the positive direction.


Inspired by the strength and insight of Eagles, we created an original masterpiece made to artistically recycle materials found around the house.ย We’ve all got video games that we no longer play, or CDs that have been scratched and no longer function properly. With mass storage devices that can hold much more information than cds and are far less fragile, old cds have become electronic wastes and environmental hazards. For this recycling project all you need are the following materials: old CDs, old newspaper, scissors, empty cardboard boxes, and a loaded glue gun.

Fold the old newspapers into the shape of a bird. This will act as the basis or template for your Eagle. Next, cut the Cds into small triangular shapes with the help of the scissors and paste them using the glue gun on the template close to each other. Do this one row at a time and repeat until all the newspaper is covered. This will need a lot of time, so much patience is required.


As you come closer to its head, start cutting the triangular pieces smaller to add details to the eagle and make it more realistic. Add its features such as the beak and eyes.
For the next stage of creating your eco-friendly eagle, cut out the cardboard box to create a template for its wings. Now, cut out the cds into long thin pieces to simulate the feathers. Start pasting the triangular pieces from down up to finalize its wings.

And now’s the tricky part: its claws. Using newspaper as well, create the form of its claws. Cut out the remaining cds into small rectangular shavings and paste them in an organized manner. Group the various parts of the bird together and voila, an amazing proud bird becomes another guest in your room or classroom


29 thoughts on “Giving a bird its Wings

  1. Magnificent, I so love the idea !
    You’ve impressed me so much. God bless you subtle girl and best of luck : )

  2. Dear grade 11 students,
    This is a very nice idea; in fact I was amazed when I saw the pictures. This idea inspired me since I thought that the things we brought and then used are with no importance. But seeing the pictures proved that from the useless things we can come up with amazing stuff. So I would like to congratulate you for what you did is amazing.
    Baraa Mordaa (grade 8 student)

  3. Dear grade 11 students:
    Clever! Well so clever, the wings are perfect, the beak is well too. This cheap idea will form a great sovenir for people who are willing to get a one like these. So keep inspiring people ๐Ÿ‘.

    • Thanks Hassan, the power of creativity is underrated in our modern lives. Too often we don’t see the potential those cheap materials hold to become sensational masterpieces.

  4. ” Imagination is the beginning of creation. you imagine what you desire , you will what you imagine, and at last , you create what you will ! once said by George Bernard Shaw. Actually i think this project you completed was beyond creative. I congratulate you for this awesome efforts.The result was amazing , you did a great job !

    An 8th grader ,
    Hala Hammoud

  5. Dear grade 11 students,
    “In a time of destruction, create something.โ€ As Albert Einstein once said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. Actually this project that you’ve done is really beyond creativity. What a great work! It really shows a hard working. So let’s all work on recycling since it lead to creation. So I would like to congratulate you for your creative work.
    Zeina Wehbi

  6. Dear 11 graders,
    Well as a start, I do believe that nature embodies God’s messages in a variety of languages.
    As for your model, I can humbly say that it is astonishing! And to think that it is only made of some of our wastes. For years, we heard of recycling and reusing some of our wastes, but not until this time have I been 100 percent convinced after seeing what masterpieces you can do with your junk and waste.
    Thank you

    • I’m so glad to have left such a positive impact on you. I’m now convinced that we could change the bitter reality we live in and I expect to see you appreciate nature more. I encourage you to start your own recycling projects. Our creations are as strong as our minds. The sky’s the limit! Eat, think, Reuse!

  7. It is amazing how Eco friendly and artistic you could be at the same time. This work is so innovative and inspirational for many of us. It leads to think thoroughly about nature and about going green. I really like it .Thank you for your approach.
    Fatima Kayello
    Al Ofoq AL Jadeed High School

  8. It’s really fantastic ! This is a great work that shows how creative human can be . I was attracted to the way this recycle process was done and how we can come up from useless things amazing issues !! I really liked it
    Jinan Al Yousef
    Al Ofoq Al Jadeed High School

  9. Dear All,
    A marvelous cheap idea, it’s amazing how things we throw that it actually can come in handy. I am attracted to the eagle, it’s so accurate: wings, beak, head… I really love it !
    Abdullatif Yehia

  10. As we all know everything has a reason to be there. Using thing inorder to come up with new ideas is for me a great and inspiring idea

  11. Dear Natalie ,
    Amazing work i was really impressed with your fabulous work it is a clever idea to help people maybe with needs .
    Hala Ghaddar ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Dear 11th grader,
    I’ve seen the eagle at the art room and I was amazed that by reusing CD pieces you can come out with such a wonderful art work!
    Mariam Jouzou

  13. Dear all, I think that this creation is a wonderfull one.
    And we should exploit even small things to make our planet better and more beautiful since God made it for us to make it better and not worse ..
    Roua El Khayat
    Grade 7(French section)

  14. Dear all, this creation is a wonderful
    And i was amazed a wonderful work art . GOOD LUCK ๐Ÿ™‚
    Grade 7(French section) .

  15. Dear readers
    This word in wonderful, I was amazed by this. And I like your idea to use a CDs to make this bird.
    Actually that small stuff made โ€‹โ€‹unexpected things
    GOOD LUCK!!!!
    Line Honeini
    EB7A( frensh educated)

  16. Dears;
    I like this creation! I was amazed by it. nice idea! don’t forget that the small CDs made a big bird(or a big thig)
    Good Luck guys !! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Line Haidar , grade 7 A (french educated)

  17. Dears ,
    I like this bird because frome cd she does a verry nice idea
    Ranime chreiteh (grade 7 frensh educated)

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